About me

Having played games for over 10 years I’ve always had a keen interest in gaming, communities, and entertainment. Growing up in Dubai there is a strong culture of LAN cafes and gaming in which I spent the majority of my past time. In the past, I’ve been involved in numerous community projects such as helping run World of Warcraft and Minecraft private servers. My favourite games are currently CS:GO, where I achieved global elite status (come at me bro), Squad, WoW, Insurgency Sandstorm, as well as Dota 2.

I’ve undertaken a game development degree in college which has exposed me to the wider aspects of game development and community management. In particular, I’ve learnt to program in C# with a focus on the Unity3D engine.

In my spare time, I regularly work on personal projects and develop new ideas. Looking forward, I’d like to better understand the industry and further the skills that I’ve been developing.

I’m passionate about gaming and game design, with a strong work ethic and motivation!