About me

I’m a young indie game developer from the UK, with a strong interest in game design. I’ve been playing games since a kid and have a passion for online multiplayer games, mostly the competitive ones though!

I’ve got knowledge of programming in C# within the Unity game engine and I’ve made a number of games as showcased on my main portfolio page, which includes games for PC, MAC and iPhone.

I have a strong interest in design, from overall game design, to UI, lightning and visual effects, having knowledge and understanding of how to program greatly improves my design ability as I’m able to create most of the systems myself and design them along the way!

My experience summed up would be the ‘Jack of all traits, master of none’. Making me a greatly viable person working on smaller projects as i can lend a hand in most departments including programming, system design, game design, visual effects, photoshop, video editing, documentation.