My Work

Into Eternity

Use an almighty hammer to smash enemies into crumbs, solve puzzles and help guide the dead to the afterlife! Adventure across a world of lost souls looking for a beacon to guide them into the afterlife. Discover and make use of an all-powerful hammer during your adventure! [Work in progress] OVERVIEW Become the guardian of […]

Astro Clicker

Astro Clicker is a game that follows in the footsteps of typical clicker based games, where the more you click the higher you go & the use of in-game items such as rockets will boost you up faster. The game also takes into account the amount of time the user doesn’t play, meaning each time […]

We Are V.E.G

  We Are V.E.G The concept of the Story In a not-so-ordinary supermarket, several channels had broadcasted an emergency evacuation in the vegetable aisle where the vegetables have been angered by the misplaced tomatoes, identifying themselves as their kind because everyone knows tomatoes are actually fruits. Thus, the vegetables started an uprising by genetically modifying […]


Players must make use of 3 different abilities to solve puzzles, survive enemies & escape back to reality! Our networking was done using Photon for Unity. Offline-Mode Gameplay: Award This project won the award for the best Games studio project.   My Project Role:  Major and minor Gameplay mechanics Asset integration Particle effects […]