My Work

Pine Lake

Grab your shovel, map, compass & get ready for an adventure! Set sail on your boat & use a compass and map to explore and dig up ancient treasures, whilst trying to avoid an old pirate lord cursed to sail the lake and kill those who seek his treasure! The Story The Jack dawn, a […]

AAA-Game Simulator

JUST FUCKING FINISH SOMETHING! As an indie developer, finishing a project is the hardest part, at least for me! After a bunch of projects not finished and things seemingly going no-where, I tuned into some GDC videos & after watching “Jumpstarting Your Creativity: From Hobbyist to Professional – YouTube” I decided to just start work on […]

We Are V.E.G

We Are V.E.G THE PROJECT The games initial conecpt was created by me, taking inspiration from some artwork i saw online invovling a humanoid piece of toast holding a sword, or somehing along those lines, and took game inspiration from the ‘Orcs Must Die’ game. The concept of the Story In a not-so-ordinary supermarket, several […]