My Work

Pine Lake

The latest game I’m working on, still early days! The Pitch Grab your trusty compass, map & shovel along with a belly for exploration but beware of that which lurks the waters at night. A desolate & tranquil calm lake will have you exploring the waters and land while anxiously wanting to see the sunrise! […]

AAA-Game Simulator

JUST FUCKING FINISH SOMETHING! As an indie developer, finishing a project is the hardest part, at least for me! After a bunch of projects not finished and things seemingly going no-where, I tuned into some GDC videos & after watching “Jumpstarting Your Creativity: From Hobbyist to Professional – YouTube” I decided to just start work on […]

Into Eternity

Use an almighty hammer to smash enemies into crumbs, solve puzzles and help guide the dead to the afterlife! Adventure across a world of lost souls looking for a beacon to guide them into the afterlife. Discover and make use of an all-powerful hammer during your adventure! the cutting room floor This project is currently […]

Astro Clicker

Astro Clicker is a game that follows in the footsteps of typical clicker based games, where the more you click the higher you go & the use of in-game items such as rockets will boost you up faster. The game also takes into account the amount of time the user doesn’t play, meaning each time […]

We Are V.E.G

We Are V.E.G THE PROJECT The games initial conecpt was created by me, taking inspiration from some artwork i saw online invovling a humanoid piece of toast holding a sword, or somehing along those lines, and took game inspiration from the ‘Orcs Must Die’ game. The concept of the Story In a not-so-ordinary supermarket, several […]


Players must make use of 3 different abilities to solve puzzles, survive enemies & escape back to reality! Our networking was done using Photon for Unity. Offline-Mode Gameplay: Award This project won the award for the best Games studio project.   My Project Role:  Major and minor Gameplay mechanics Asset integration Particle effects […]