White Knight

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The latest game I’m working on as a solo developer, White Knight for the PC, using the Unity Engine.


[Work In Progress]



Become the ultimate beta-male, white knight! Conjure powerful abilities to battle your way through savages & defend your queen from that which you despise, to hopefully earn your place by her side!

White Knight is a game all about progression, skills in crafting & effective use of magical spells! Set in the style of a fantasy RPG & based around the concept of a lonely beta-male, ‘White Knight’’ fighting for his love.

Play as a humble knight on his great quest to save the one he loves, fighting off great foes & conquering leaders. Fight through the blisterings colds of the north against Vikings, to the great oceans fending off pirates on your journey!

The games name & story is a reference to the online term for a White Knight, “Someone who stands up for girls on the internet they barely know, hopefully, so they can engage in sexual intercourse with them. Usually males. They are douches who can’t get none in real life”


Spell Tree

Players will be able to select unique spells every 5 levels, from a selection of 3. Creating a wide variety of spell combos to use against enemies, with some enemies being immune to certain spell types, e.g. the Vikings are immune to frost spells as they live in a frost environment and are used to the cold! Spells are automatically ranked up accordingly based on the players level.

Journal Screenshot.png

Player Levelling

There are a total of 30 levels so far with experience being earned from killing enemies, completing maps & quests. Experience will only drop from enemies within the same level range, the higher the players level the fewer experience enemies will provide, eventually dropping to zero, stopping high-level players with high ranked spells from farming experience.

Experience needed for each level increases gradually, as shown in the graph below:



Every enemy will have a set of abilities that they will cast between a minimum and maximum castrate. Appropriate abilities will be assigned based on enemy type & level, e.g. a samurai ninja will have samurai-style abilities with these abilities being stronger the higher the level of the enemy. Enemies will have an agro radius, once the player enters this the enemy will begin attacking with spells or melee combat. Enemies will also have a de-agro distance to which they will return to the point where the first entered combat with the player.

The Beta Metre

This is a sort of progress bar for the player, the bar will indicate how far they have progressed through the stage they are currently on. Using common online terms that generally refer to a social status around beta-males & white knights.

Beta Bar.png


The player can unlock talents for gold, these are passive benefits that are permanently applied to the player, e.g. bonus health regen. Talents come in four different categories, common, uncommon, rare and epic. When a player buys a talent a random one is given with epic be the least common to get and common having the most chance to receive. If a talent that’s already unlocked is given then it’s simply ranked up, to that talents max rank.

Map Timers

Once the player starts a stage a timer will begin from zero, going up each second. The timer will pause each time the player is on the Safe map / on the pause screen. Each map will have 3-time levels, bronze, silver & gold. Players who achieve a time stage will receive bonus EXP & Gold at the end of the level, these rewards are only given once.



Gold is earned from killing similar level enemies, the bigger the difference in level the less gold is rewarded, with a difference of 4 and greater giving zero. This gold can then be spent to buy talents or can be given to the queen in return for rewards that seem amazing but are actually pretty generic.

Life Tokens

Life tokens can be used if the player dies to revive themselves and saves them from having to restart all over again. They can only be used x1 per playthrough of a stage.

Art Style

The games art style is low-poly with the models looking like miniatures.892163d3-b789-4fb7-a7ee-f9d6dc3079b1_scaled.jpg59a9b025-3f71-4b55-b4fc-3c161c670e86_scaled.jpg

Character and Environment assets are provided by Synty Studios, https://www.syntystudios.com



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