White Knight

[Work In Progress]



Become the ultimate beta-male, white knight! Conjure powerful abilities to battle your way through savages & defend your queen from that which you despise, to hopefully earn your place by her side!

White Knight is an online 4-10 PVP multiplayer turn-based strategy game, all about progression, skills in crafting & effective use of magical spells! Set in the style of a fantasy RPG & based around the concept of a lonely beta-male, ‘White Knight’’ fighting for his love. The last man standing wins!

The games name & story is a reference to the online term for a White Knight, “Someone who stands up for girls on the internet they barely know, hopefully, so they can engage in sexual intercourse with them. Usually males. They are douches who can’t get none in real life”


The map is a chessboard style grid, with players initially spawning on a random tile. Each player takes it in turns to chose their action – Attack, Move, Use Spell or Trade gold. Players can only use 1 action per turn, once all players have completed their turn the round ends and the simp store becomes available, where players can buy bonuses for their character. If a player dies they are out of the game & the last man standing wins the game.

Gameplay board screenshot.png



The game consists of a total of 4 actions – Attack, Move, Use Spell or Trade. Players can only make a choice of one action per turn.


Attacking is the first action a player can do and can only target other players within a 3 square distance around them. Each player starts with the same damage and critical strike chance, however, players can buy bonus damage / critical strike chance from the store.


Players can move to an empty square within a 1 square distance around them.


At the end of each player turn & round, each player is given 1 EXP, with every 5 EXP granting a level. With each increase in level, players unlock store items to improve their character. Killing another player will grant the player who killed them a bonus EXP point, allowing players to out level each other.


Players can trade their gold to other players, this is designed to create small teams of players who can strategically work together to help each other, but only 1 player can eventually win. If someone accepts a trade from another player, then they cannot attack that player on their next turn.


Spells are purchased from the store & can be used at any time. Once a spell is used it cannot be used again until the player re-purchases it from the store. Spells vary from dealing damage to players to healing over time or freezing the target player, stopping them from taking their next turn.

Random Events

Throughout the game random events will occur, these events will mostly only give one player a bonus, e.g. a chest of gold spawns & the first player to get to it gets bonus gold.



Gold is given to all players at the end of each turn & round. Gold allows players to buy items from the store, once they have become unlocked for the player.

The Simp Store

This is a store that’s only available at the end of each round, allowing players to buy items for their characters, such as bonus health, bonus damage & spells.

Simp Store.png


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