Currently on the cutting room floor…


Warchief is a minimalist low poly MOBA style, action RPG game. The game’s design is one of the challenges combined with player choice, the player will progress through a series of levels with enemies spawning in waves for the player to defeat, increasing in difficulty as they progress. The player will have constant choices to make for upgrading their character, such as choosing one new spell from a selection OR increasing certain attributes. 

Once the player completes a zone, they are sent back to the ‘Hub’ area where they can further progress into more zones. If the player loses all their lives, then the entire map is failed & players will have different lives based on difficulty.


  • Stats, the player will general RPG like stats which can be upgraded as they progress
  • Melee Combat
  • Spell System with spell ranks, players have access to a spellbook with 4 rows & an ultimate, the player can only select 1 spell from each row as they level up, with the ultimate spell unlocking at max level.
  • A.i combat systems with Spell integration
  • 1-time choice selection, the only way to undo is to restart!
  • Limit lives, each difficulty has a life limit, die too many times & it’s all over!
  • No Health Regeneration, only your mana will regenerate. Perks can be selected that heal or increase health, but are not common.
  • Boss Fights! Each map will end in a boss fight
  • Difficulty Modes, the game will have 3 different modes, Normal, Hard & Elite, with each difficulty having unique features such as Elite mode causing enemies to explode on death & hard mode having weather effects to avoid (such as fireballs raining down from the sky periodically)