Pine Lake

The latest game I’m working on, still early days!

The Pitch

Grab your trusty compass, map & shovel along with a belly for exploration but beware of that which lurks the waters at night. A desolate & tranquil calm lake will have you exploring the waters and land while anxiously wanting to see the sunrise!

The Story

Our character is an archaeologist who has heard of an ancient cursed treasure hidden within Green Pine Lake, as it used to be an old pirate location. He decides to go to the location in search of the treasure that was being transported by the Jack Dawn, not caring about superstitions and old stories of the treasure.

The pirate captain of the Jack Dawn was a leader to be feared, but over time of plundering he had made multiple enemies, some royal navy and other pirate crews. His last battle was chasing a treasure that would set him and his crew for life, but like many things too good to be true, their adventure took a bad turn.

They had to fall back to the Green Pine Lake for safety, but being low on supplies and the ship taking on water, they sank at Green Pine Lake with no food or water to survive for long. 

The evil surrounding Green Pine Lake is the captain having a cursed afterlife looking after his treasure.

early development media

Developed by Alex Le Mesurier

Story by Rayane Nasser

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