Pine Lake


Developed by Alex Le Mesurier

Story by Rayane Nasser

The Story

Grab your shovel, map, compass & get ready for an adventure!

Pine Lake used to be a public park that people visited and used to go camping, fishing, canoeing & have great outdoor adventures! In recent years people have been going missing and as that became more and more known, the park slowly was not visited… some say the curse was unleashed after someone went digging where they shouldn’t have…

The Jack dawn, a pirate ship known for its successful plunders, had finally met a foe that has long been hunting them down. The Revenant, who had been waiting for the pirate’s next attempt to recover a long lost treasure.

The pirate captain of the Jack Dawn was a leader to be feared, but over time of plundering he had made multiple enemies, some royal navy and other pirate crews.

His last battle was chasing a treasure that would set him and his crew for life, but like many things too good to be true, their adventure took a bad turn. They had to fall back to the Green Pine Lake for safety, but being low on supplies and the ship taking on water, they sank at Pine Lake with no food or water to survive for long. 

The Player

The player is an archaeologist who has heard rumours of the cursed land and being a big fan of pirate history he set to go to Pine Lake and uncover the truth behind the stories. The location has been closed and abandoned due to people going missing. It used to be a tourist location for families to go camping.

The story will progress from the player reading the notes at the start of the game and upon digging an object, being the first cursed item the player finds the undead Jack Dawn captain will be awoken to uphold his cursed oath. 

Upon discovering more and more cursed treasure the player will also learn more about the history of the pirate captain through notes he left whilst he was human and alive.

The cursed captain patrols the lake on his cursed ship to find the player

Once all the cursed items have been found and retrieved, they must be returned to the statue to end the curse.


‘Pine Lake’ is an FPS Horror game, with puzzle solving, adventure & discovery. Equipt with multiple items including a flashlight, map, compass & shovel the player must use these items to locate and find dig sites, where loot is buried in a random location within the site & they must then dig it up. The player will also have a small boat they can use to sail around from various land locations. A total of 8 items are required to be collected & then successfully returned to the starting location.

The player must avoid a ghostly boat that sails around the Lake, getting to close will cause harm to the player & eventually kill them, causing the player to fail and restart. There is also a land boss who can triggered in multiple ways, such as digging up an item which will cause him to spawn nearby and begin moving towards the players location, with the player needing to avoid this enemy or they will be killed…


The Feedback

Although only a small pet-project to get my hands stuck into 3D map design & creation and to also play around with some new A.I tools i got my hands on, i learn’t a lot from this project… especailly the userbased feedback.

This has been the first project i have released for money & i’m glad i did… i was originally going to release it for free, but i figured it was alteast somewhat worth of a couple bucks.

The game pretty much fell flat when it came to things todo, feedback on the visuals and atmostphere was all around great, but the actual gameplay definatly lacked. I suppose when the project is being developed for the purpose of leaning and improving map creation & design, thats not much of a surprise!

It’s been a valuble lesson & a humbling one because i’ve not taken any criticims personaly & i’ve been able to take an honest look at the down falls, brake them down, learn from them. & how to avoid them in the future!

Heres to the next project… Steam? When?


A Gameplay Video by, CJUGames