Kings Hero

After fumbling around with some PC ideas at first, but eventually deciding to go mobile thinking it wouldn’t take as long to develop (mistakes…) and would provide me with a small foothold I could use to later go into the PC market.

The game took a while for me to make, initially starting as a zombie-themed shooter with the same overall gameplay style. Working part-time during the day and developing in the evenings & night meant the game took much longer to develop!

Although I thought developing for mobile would be simpler, boy was I wrong! It was painful… the sheer amount of hurdles was mind-boggling, from endless signups, waiting for approvals, getting data protection stuff set up & having to buy a new phone, to testing through Xcode for iOS… yeah fuck doing any of that again. I now hate mobile game development with a passion.

I’m happy with the outcome of the game & I’ve now decided to NEVER make another mobile game… it’s PC only from now on!

The game is no longer available on any platform.