Into Eternity

Use an almighty hammer to smash enemies into crumbs, solve puzzles and help guide the dead to the afterlife! Adventure across a world of lost souls looking for a beacon to guide them into the afterlife. Discover and make use of an all-powerful hammer during your adventure!

the cutting room floor

This project is currently on the cutting room floor, like many projects from an indie developer… It was an expansive learning experience developing this project, teaching myself how to make a modular ability system, talent trees and some A.I, as well as learning a lot about designing games!

The games initial design was a Dota2 style rouge-like, where the player started with a two-handed hammer they could swing around and throw at enemies, whilst learning & upgrading abilities along the way.

The ability system was a royal pain and joy to create, having to figure out a way to achieve a dynamic and modular spell system for the game that would allow for easy spell use for the player & A. I combined with an upgrade system. Developing this system took up most of the development time on the project but I finally got something that was almost exactly what I wanted (could use a touch up).

After over six months working on the game… I found it bland, boring and lacking fun. Maybe I just felt that because I was playing it every day for months, but every time I took a step back at the game it just didn’t do anything for me. As a result, I would constantly add/remove features in some attempt at making it fun, but this just stirred up more mess and plunged me further down the rabbit hole of nothingness.

It was hard to just abandon the project after so much time working on it, but in the end, it was the right choice for me to make & it wasn’t a complete waste of time because I learning so much about game development, programming, design, project management & work ethics!

Perhapse I’ll return to the project with and breathe some new life into the project!

the project


Become the guardian of lost souls & find a way to guide them into the afterlife so they may lay at peace of all eternity! Discover and make use of an almighty hammer along with an arsenal of spells to defeat those who would oppose you!


‘Into Eternity’ is a choice based roguelike action RPG, with a finite number of lives the player must choose their path to the end, failure means starting all over again!

Battle your way through hordes of enemies & obstacles. You kill them with a large hammer or some crazy spell, then get to pick which skills you want as a reward, and which monsters you want to fight next. There are bosses at the end of each stage to defeat in order for victory! Gathering gold, which falls out of all the defeated enemies, letting you unlock upgrades that persist between runs with a final soul count going towards upgrading your hammer, which persists for the entire game.

Difficulty modes are an added way to make things even harder, with the player being able to choose unique effectors that occur during gameplay, e.g. upon killing an enemy a skeleton will spawn in their place to defeat, or perhaps they explode after a few seconds dealing massive damage.


This is the main weapon for the player and its power persisting throughout the entire game. The hammer can be upgraded into different types, fire, ice, void & lightning. Each weapon type provides different perks, e.g. fire sets enemies on fire for a short duration dealing damage over time.


The player will be able to make use of 5 spells from a large pool of spells, with the goal of having the player mix and match spells as they see fit. After maxing out their spells, the play will be able to upgrade them along the way, scaling up in power relative to the power of enemies.


After their village was attacked and set ablaze by the invading brutes of the underworld, a father sets out on a journey to rescue his daughter, only to soon find out that she is dead. He then takes it upon himself to carry her soul to the afterlife, a perilous journey to say the least… Along the way, he will find more lost souls to guide alongside his daughter & in the end the an ultimate choice must be made… 

development MEDIA

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