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Use an almighty hammer to smash enemies into crumbs, solve puzzles and help guide the dead to the afterlife! Adventure across a world of lost souls looking for a beacon to guide them into the afterlife. Discover and make use of an all-powerful hammer during your adventure!

Become the guardian of lost souls & find a way to ignite the beacon to guide them into the afterlife! Wield an almighty hammer and harness it’s elemental powers to defeat those who would oppose you!

Take on the role of a humble warrior who has been tasked with finding a way to help guide lost souls to the afterlife.  Fight through the lush forests surrounded by cool oceans, to the blisterings colds and enemies of the north to guide Viking warriors to Valhalla!


Guardian is a 3rd person, top-down style action-RPG game. The game is centred around battling enemies & solving puzzles using a variety of tools and weapons that have unique abilities. The game is first set in the frozen winter lands of the Vikings, with the player needing to use their hammer, which has different elemental types that they can switch between, to guide lost Viking warrior souls to Valhalla. Future game updates will provide new environments, e.g. Pirates, Orcs & humans etc…

The first act of the game is set in a snowy Viking landscape, transitioning from lush forests, where fallen warrior souls roam around, lost & looking for a beacon to guide them into the gates of Valhalla.  The player must find and obtain a mighty hammer, which can change into four different states, lightning, fire, ice & spirit. Each state has unique properties, such as fire causing enemies to burn over time when hit & ice causes enemies to become frozen for a short duration and take increased damage from player attacks.


This is a weapon that has different and unique properties that the player can unlock. This hammer can be thrown or used in melee combat to defeat enemies & help solve puzzles.

Hammer Types:

  • Normal – the standard hammer collected by the player at the start of the game
  • Fire – Sets enemies on fire, causing the to take damage over time
  • Ice – Freezes enemies in place for a short duration & causes the to take more damage from attacks
  • Lightning – Damagies nearby enemies & stuns enemies directly hit for a short duration



The game is made up of ‘zones’ which the player must complete in order to proceed to the next zone.

Work-in-progress of the second level.
A small Viking village in the Second level
Work-in-progress of the third level, set in the underworld







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