Crushing Depths

‘Crushing Depths’ is a first-person horror game set deep down on the ocean floor, you will take control of an underwater drone tasked with locating points of interest using 3D spatial sound. But be on the careful lookout for anything that may lurk down there!


The year is 1996. It has been over 30 years since five mysterious alien crafts landed on Earth. Unbeknownst to humanity, these crafts were sentinels, sent by a dying race to find a new home. The sentinels were designed to grow, observe, and eventually wipe out any opposing life forms, before the arrival of their creators.

After several mysterious events out to sea, deep in the ocean floor, a research team has been put together to figure out what’s happening. The team has deployed a number of sound-emitting beacons at specific locations that have had a lot of activity, as picked up by underwater recording stations placed years ago by the military. The team has deployed an underwater reconnaissance drone to locate these beacons and to report back its findings with its onboard sensor array and a camera that transmits live feedback to the team for observation.


[*] Use 3D spatial sounds to locate objectives (a no-sound option is available)

[*] Control an underwater drone

[*] Vast ocean floor to explore & secrets to find!

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After months of no knowing what game to go with and a number of failed projects, I’ve gone back to the trusty horror game!