White Knight


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The latest game I’m working on as a solo developer, White Knight for the PC, using the Unity Engine.


Game Overview 

White Knight is an action-adventure set in a fractured world, full of evil. Battle your way through tough enemies & almighty bosses to rescue your queen. Acquire powerful spells as you level up and upgrade yourself with traits along the way.

[Work In Progress]

White Knight is an action survival game, where the player must progress through a series of levels, with each level providing different enemies with special abilities for the player to battle it out with. The game is built up with different stages, each stage having its own style & aesthetics, such as the Samurai enemies with the appropriate art style.

Players earn experience as they defeat enemies and complete maps, levelling up to a max level of 30. Every five levels unlock an ability tree, allowing the player to select one of three unique abilities to aid them further, allowing for a wide combination of different abilities for the player to try out.


Spell Tree

Players will be able to select unique spells every 5 levels, from a selection of 3. Creating a wide variety of spell combos to use against enemies, with some enemies being immune to certain spell types, e.g. the Vikings are immune to frost spells as they live in a frost environment and are used to the cold! Spells can be ranked up as the player earns gold from killing enemies and completing levels.


Player Levelling

There are a total of 30 levels so far with experience being earned from killing enemies, completing maps & quests. Experience will only drop from enemies within the same level range, the higher the players level the fewer experience enemies will provide, eventually dropping to zero, stopping high-level players with high ranked spells from farming experience.

Experience needed for each level increases gradually, as shown in the graph below:



Old Video of some GamePlay (Prev. know as Arcane Hero)

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