AAA-Game Simulator


As an indie developer, finishing a project is the hardest partat least for me! After a bunch of projects not finished and things seemingly going no-where, I tuned into some GDC videos & after watching “Jumpstarting Your Creativity: From Hobbyist to Professional – YouTube” I decided to just start work on a small, simple project & finish it, no matter how deep & polished. So yeah… this game is just something I just want to be done with and release it.

Nowadays triple-a games are mostly a bag of recycled crap content designed to pump out cash! For the most part, gone are the days of large ambitions games designed to keep people in their rooms having fun are gone & replaced with games designed to keep kids & teenagers addicted to garbage microtransactions, I mean just look at a certain shooter series based around a call to action.. or duty? or something… It’s almost rare to see a big studio game come out that’s not some over-used product, but what do I know, I’m just a small indie nobody game developer.

Check it out here

the game

AAA-Game Simulator is a comedic take on the state of big AAA Games & the companies that make them. Set inside an old windows style operating system. Consisting of mini-games that are filled to the brim with loot boxes & micro-transactions, huge updates, endless paid DLC content, regular game crashing etc… Everything you love about AAA Games is here!

Dope features include

  • Downloading mega-huge games
  • PreOrdering
  • Microtransactions
  • LootBoxes
  • Un-finished content
  • High price games, with tons of DLC to buy
  • A hip old windows style interface
  • Constant game updates upon every launch
  • Games to play inside the game
  • Banking
  • Game crashing

And some other cool stuff to discover & play around with!


The Desktop

The main game is set inside an old windows themed operating system where the player can have a play around & buy some really amazing games!

Mini-Game (Warblast)

One mini games set inside AAA-GameSimulator is a war style game set from the skies where the player must complete some standard wartime objectives using a vareity of weapon systems. It’s nothing too fancy but has that good’ol triple-A feel, consisting of Bugs, missing content, expensive to buy etc…