Orc Mayhem

Orc Mayhem…?


A fun 3rd person tower defense game, inspired by various ‘Frozen Throne’ mods.

Aiming to spend the most time on this game & eventually release it on Steam. If things go well I hope to progress it into a multi-player game.

An early screenshot of a basic testing scene, with some great low-poly 3D model assets.


More information and screenshots to come as I progress with the game!



Basic camera movement testing, UI & mouse over testing:


Showcasing tower placement, upgrading, selling & targeting/Shooting:


Showcasing an updated UI, improved tooltip & an early crossbow tower


A very early development overview screenshot of a work-in-progress map:


Aiming to have enemies spawn on the right, coming from a mine. On the left is the players base they must defend, if too many enemies reach their base they will lose.

The top and bottom areas are just visual background locations to add more depth to the game.




Yet to be written…


Art Style:


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